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We become what we think about. –Earl Nightingale
Enjoy the healthy lunch

Pay attention to nothing but the food you’re eating.

While packing your lunch might seem a little juvenile at first glance, the benefits to brown bagging it are huge. First, you’re eating healthier because you’re controlling what you eat (it also prevents you from grabbing a candy bar or a bag of chips at check out because you’re stressed).the KOSOX Lunch Box has two separate stackable containers, perfect for the guy who’s always extra-hungry. Allows you to compartmentalize the food you haul to the office, ensuring that your lunch salad isn’t mingling with your afternoon snack. It’s roomy enough to fit even the most gluttonous lunches. Take out your lunch, and sit down. Pay attention to nothing but the food you’re eating and the world around you.  Buy it now


I’m not a fan of floral prints or lunch bags that look like coolers. This is the ideal bag for me. It’s spacious - holds my yogurt, salad, snack and bottle of water. Keeps cool all day at my desk! I love the color scheme and lengthy carrying strap. My only suggestion would be to add a small pocket outside with zipper - like for condiments or coins for snack/soda machine.


This thing is awesome! I ride a motorcycle to work and wanted a small lunch bag that I could just take out and put in the fridge when I got to work and this thing is perfect. It fits my lunch plus some and because it is so thin it fits in my backpack along with my homework and whatever else i need to bring to work. 10/10 would recommend this product to anyone.

Jack. K

I use it as my lunch bag every day. It fits a decent-sized Tupperware, fruit and a few snacks. Durable and keeps things insulated from the outside temperature. I also like that it's not some garish color that I'm embarrassed to carry.

Jesse Goehl

Bought this for a preteen kid. I wasn't sure if he would like it once I saw it because it looks more like what a professional might take to work. He loved it! He likes the sleek and more mature design. The smaller opening holds a standard length water bottle - nice feature.

Brett Perry

Awesome! Design is perfect for someone who wants a sophisticated look but very functional product. My attire is business casual (blazer), and it complements my grey leather briefcase. I use the partition to quick access my coffee mug in the smaller side. I commute several hrs a day and find it easy/incognito to transport. Will get another as a future backup!


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